Olbermann Suggests Uber Boycott for Giuliani Association, Warns of ‘Concentration Camps’ for Illegals

In his second “The Resistance” special commentary for GQ magazine in two days, former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann lashed out at a Donald Trump presidency, this time on the grounds of the grounds that the Trump transition team was engaging in “normal” pre-presidential behavior.

One of Olbermann’s targets was former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a close confidante of Trump. Olbermann argued there were “avenues” for economic blow back against Trump supporters and he included Giuliani, who he said has ties to ride-sharing app company Uber.

“We have to pretend Giuliani isn’t an international political whore who hasn’t taken money from repressive elements, everywhere from Qatar and El Salvador and who know is consulting Uber,” he said. “But of course they all have to pretend as well — they have to pretend there aren’t still avenues open to us for economic blow back. Giuliani, Uber? Stop using Uber.”

Toward the end of his seven-plus minute screed, Olbermann raised the possibility of Trump using “concentration camps” to fulfill his pledge to deport the 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants that are criminal and have criminal records.

“[T]hat man who was elected by a minority says he will immediately incarcerate or deport 2-3 million undocumented Americans — which is roughly the same number of people who live in Houston, TX, which is roughly the same number of people who are already in all of the federal, state, and county jails and all the city jails, and all the ICE detention facilities, and all the Navy brigs, and all the Army stockades and all the military disciplinary barracks — all of them combined,” he said.

“Which leaves no inference possible, except that he somehow means to take 2-3 million people off our streets and keep them somewhere until they can be jailed or deported,” Olbermann continued. “And we again have to pretend that this somewhere for a population roughly the same size as all the prisoners in all the jails in this country right now — we have to pretend that this will not involved concentration camps. But don’t worry, he’s unifying the nation.”

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