Asra Nomani: Liberals Don’t Have ‘Tolerance’ for People With Opinions They Don’t Want to Hear

Saturday on MSNBC, host Ayman Mohyeldin got into a heated discussion with Muslim author Asra Nomani over her support of President-elect Donald Trump.

Nomani, an admitted liberal, was asked why she is not worried about what could happen to Muslims under a Trump administration, to which she replied that Trump’s policies have been exaggerated.

“I believe we have a lot of Chicken Littles running around right now exaggerating many of the policies being talked about,” she said. “This Muslim registry that has been characterized as something that President Bush put in place, that was removed because of the policies of the Obama Administration. This idea that we’re seeing on TV of a return to internment camps is far from any reality that would ever be possible in this country.”

Nomani added, “What I believe is gonna happen is that the rhetoric, as you talk about, will not be realized in the demonic ways that are being presented by partisan politics. That is what most concerns me as a liberal. What concerns me the most is that, as a liberal, what I see happening is that the left has in fact been engaging in a lot of fear mongering that has not allowed us to come to the middle in our conversation about the next administration. And I see a lot of fear being inflamed very irresponsibly and that is what really concerns me.”

Mohyeldin challenged Nomani on the potential of hate crimes against Muslims, for which she blamed the extremism in Islam.

He interrupted Nomani to tell her she was not answering his questions, but she accused him of asking biased and leading questions.

“You’re not answering the questions,” Mohyeldin replied again.

Nomani then said, “You’re not allowing me to answer it as I wish to answer them. And so unfortunately, what is happening right now in our conversation is exactly why Hillary Clinton lost the White House. it’s this inability of those on the left and liberals to have any kind of tolerance for people with other opinions that don’t fit the answers that they want to hear.”

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