Gutfeld: Trump ‘Moving to the Center,’ ‘We Would Have Crucified’ Obama If He Proposed Spending What Trump Does

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five,” Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that President-Elect Donald Trump is “moving to the center, fast.”

Gutfeld said Trump is “moving to the center, fast.” He added, “[H]e’s admitted a connection between climate and human activity, after saying it was a hoax. He’s talking about not prosecuting Hillary. So you’re seeing him — he’s not — I’m trying to — I guess my point is, liberals relax. He’s not the crazy right-wing nutjob that you think he is. He’s always — when he was talking about a lot of this stuff, he was always kind of winking at everybody, and he also has the benefit of a cult of personality. People voted for him because they liked him. So, they’re more forgiving if he changes his mind.”

Gutfeld later said, “[W]hat he’s saying is, he’s going to keep an open mind on climate change. So that way people will go, oh, maybe he’s not so bad, and then say, but the Paris treaty, that sucks.”

Gutfeld also discussed Trump’s infrastructure spending plan, stating, “But if Obama had done that, we would have crucified him.” And “Remember, we were going to shut down the government over spending.”

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