Jill Stein On Recount: We Had ‘A Lot Of Hacking in This Election’

Monday on MSNBC, while discussing her attempts to initiate recounts of the presidential vote in the swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said there was “a lot of hacking in this election” and said she want to make sure the vote was not “hacked,” so she is calling for a recount.

Stein said, “Well, unfortunately, it is not about me. It is about the American people who emerged from this election as not happy campers. And 80 percent of Americans, according to ‘The New York Times’ poll, were disgusted by the conduct of the election, and throughout the election. What I have said whenever I was asked would I call for a recount if there were doubts of the credibility of the results, I always said yes. This is not about helping one candidate or hurting another candidate. This is also not about advancing my own career. My campaign is not going to win here. Although we might get a more accurate count of the Green votes.”

She continued, “We are here as the American people to say that we deserve a voting system that we have confidence in. We had a lot of hacking — a lot of hacking in this election and we want to know that our votes have not been hacked.”

She added, “The nature of hacking is you don’t see if you don’t look. You know, hear no evil, see no evil and there is no evil. The point here is we deserve an election system that has built in safeguards. You would not get into an airplane and first start thinking about your backup system when the plane begins to suddenly lose altitude. You want a system which is secure from the get-go. This is an election which there is hacking and allegations of tampering all over the place. We know the Democratic party database was hacked into. The voter databases in the state of Illinois and the state of Arizona and 20 other states allegedly had attempts to breach their security. And we know that private emails were hacked. We know that we have voting machines here in Wisconsin for example, they use voting machines which are illegal in California and which are in the process of being made illegal in Virginia and in Maryland because they are an invitation to tampering, to human error and to hacking.”

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