Conway: Had This Been a Race for the Popular Vote, Trump Would Have Won That Too

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager and transition adviser Kellyanne Conway argued if the race had been for the popular vote, the Trump campaign would have won that as well.

Conway said, “We’re the ones who understood America. The idea that we’re going to talk about the popular vote answers your questions about sore losers. The idea that Donald Trump doesn’t have a mandate after he got 100 more electoral votes than Mitt Romney did, he got 306, it wasn’t close. He won states that had not gone Republican in decades. Had this been a race for the popular vote, we would have won that, too. Mr. Trump would have campaigned in California, in New York, stayed in Florida, gone to Illinois perhaps. These population rich states. We did what you are supposed to do to become president.”

“Campaign in the battleground states, actually have an economic message that appealed to workers across the country, actually talk about patriotism, defeating radical Islamism, people open their mailbox, they see premium increases,” she continued. “The idea he doesn’t have a mandate when they lost the White House, 60 seats in the house, over a dozen Senate seats, over a dozen governorships and over 1,000 state legislative seats, this is Democratic Party is having an identity crisis and a circular firing squad. What I heard is, it’s Bernie Sander’s fault, James Comey’s fault anybody but Hillary Clinton’s fault.”

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