Petraeus: ‘Pragmatic’ Trump Will Place Campaign Rhetoric ‘in a Strategic Context’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” in commenting on  his meeting with the President-elect Donald Trump in New York City last week, former CIA director David Petraeus said the president-elect was “quite pragmatic.”

Petraeus said, “Well I think he’s actually quite pragmatic. In our conversation what I enjoyed most frankly was the discussion of issues —or say campaign rhetoric if you will and then placing that in a strategic context. As an example he’s not anti-trade. he’s against — he’s anti-unfair trade. The wall, well, the wall would be an element in a comprehensive effort to shore up our security on the southern border, which by the way as we discussed would include more help to Mexico for the problems that it has in the broader rule of law area and, indeed perhaps with its southern borders which is so challenged, as well. But, again, we talked about all of those kinds of issues, these are issues in which I have concern, needless to say, and it was good to discuss the strategic context in which each of those would be placed.”

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