Eichenwald: Trump Mental Hospital Tweet Was a Joke and ‘A Signal to a Source to Talk to Me’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Newsweek Senior Writer Kurt Eichenwald said his claim that President-Elect Donald Trump had been institutionalized was a joke about stories about Democratic nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s health, and “a signal to a source to talk to me.”

Eichenwald said, “There’s a long story behind it. When you go through the full lead-up to that tweet, there was a reporting purpose for that tweet going out, which is, more than you’re going to want to hear about. I thought, I was making fun of Fox News and the rest who were doing, Hillary has seizures. Hillary has multiple sclerosis. Hillary has Parkinson’s. You know, Let’s go to Dr. Oz. And so I was running a series of jokes leading up to that, with the intent of sending that tweet, which was a signal to a source to talk to me.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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