Chuck Todd: Trump Is a ‘Salesman’ Whose Ultimate Goal is ‘Popularity’

Chuck Todd, the moderator of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” told Politico’s “Off Message” podcast earlier this month that President-elect Donald Trump was a “salesman” and has an ultimate goal to be “popular.”

Todd said of Trump, “He is a marketer. He is a salesman. I’ve never met a salesman that didn’t exaggerate or worse. And one of the things we have to remember about him because it’s the salesman mentality. He will never say a negative word about you in person. To your face. he will always compliment—always find a way to compliment. It’s every salesman trick in the book, like Dale Carnegie.”

Todd continued, “He doesn’t want to be unpopular. That is a powerful thing…I think he is an any means necessary kind of guy. I think he is a transactional guy,” adding, “I ultimately believe that guardrails for him are popularity, and that matters to him.”

(h/t Politico)

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