Fmr Mexican President Vicente Fox: Trump Reminds Me of Hitler

Thursday on CNN International, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said today while addressing Republicans in Philadelphia President Donald Trump reminded him “of Hitler addressing the Nazi party.”

Partial transcript as follows:

REPORTER: Do you get a sense, though, that it’s the U.S. president who us driving events and Mexico’s president finds himself a prisoner of them?

FOX: Well, that much and that part yes. When I saw today’s gathering of the Republican party retreat and Trump being there reminded me of Hitler addressing the Nazi party. And I think it’s important to remind to congressmen from the Republican party that above all on their responsibilities is their own conscious  —

REPORTER: I’m going to interrupt you. Forgive me. You are comparing the current U.S. president to a man who exterminated millions of people? Really?

FOX: Not in that sense. I’m comparing him in the sense of in the way he is a populist. Of everything that he said in this retreat is pure populism. Making America great, first let him demonstrate that he can do that. Number two, when he says jobs for everybody, what he says, business for everybody, I mean his declarations, declarations, his screeds and his executive orders, and yes I want to remind that a  congressman is obliged with his free conscious to make decisions. He doesn’t have to accept what this guy is proposing to them.

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