WaPo’s Ruth Marcus: Trump ‘Doesn’t Understand the Role of America’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus said President Donald Trump did not have an “understanding” of the role of courts” and added that he didn’t “understand the role of America.”

Marcus said, “I think there there is a lot of fallout here. Mike talked about how you can’t run the government by improv, and Vice President Pence talked about Washington niceties. These aren’t just Washington niceties, they are questions about whether you can run this government. And there is lasting damage here in his relationships with congress, in his relationship with the country, which saw these terrible stories of people needing medical treatment being denied, in the relationship with his court, in his relationship with the world.”

“And a more fundamentally, the lesson of the week to me is that we have a president who fundamentally is not understanding the role of courts, this tweet about so-called judges was not just, you know, something that we should ignore, and he doesn’t understand the role of America as it has historically been in the world as a beacon of hope and welcoming place for refugees,” she added.

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