DNC Chair Perez Compares Trump Policies to Jim Crow

Tuesday in Washington, D.C. at the Latino Political Power Summit, the newly-elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez compared the policies of President Donald Trump to the Jim Crow era.

Perez said  “Where were you when Donald Trump and Republicans from the far right were targeting Latino communities and threatening to turn back the clock of history and progress? I feel so frequently—you know when the plane lands and they say you should set your clocks to whatever the local time is.”

“I feel so frequently today like we should be setting our clocks back to Jim Crow,” he continued. “I feel so frequently like we should be setting our clocks back to the mid-19th century because this is a know-nothing era in our nation’s history. And you know what? Fear was able to defeat hope on the ballot.”

(h/t NTK)

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