Matthew Dowd: Trump’s Problem Is He Hasn’t Come Up With Policies, Principles

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s missile strike on a Syrian air base, ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd criticized President Donald Trump for not having solidified his policies or his principles.

Dowd said, “The three faces of Donald Trump. Right? This is not — this is not Reince Priebus’ problem, or Steve Bannon’s problem, or Jared Kushner’s problem. This is Donald Trump’s problem because Donald Trump hasn’t come up to what is the fiber of his policies. What is the fiber of his principles? What does he stand for? And then everybody else in the administration basically succumbs to those principles. Like Ronald Reagan. Some people liked Ronald Reagan. But everybody basically had to buy into his vision and what his principles are.”

He added, “I think, all of this is a reflection of who Donald Trump is and the fact that there’s tons of conflict in it.”

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