USA Today’s Page on AHCA: Big Winners Ryan and Trump, Big Losers Ryan and Trump

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,”  USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page said House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and President Donald Trump would be both “big winners” and “big losers” as a result of the House passing the American Health Care Act.

Page said “Big winners I think Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. Big losers Paul Ryan and Donald Trump. What would we be saying this morning if they failed to get this through the house? It would be devastating politically, but when you go at the substance, they now own the American health care system. And you heard the budget director and other administration officials and the president making promises they will not be able to keep, that everyone will be covered, that premiums will go down, the deductibles will go down, that people with preexisting conditions will not lose any of their protections, that combination of things cannot happen. ”

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