Krauthammer on Obama Healthcare Speech: ‘We Should Be Grateful’ That He’s Gone, ‘Good Riddance, Mr. President’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer argued President Obama’s statement on health care over the weekend was a reminder “of why we should be grateful as a nation that he is gone.”

Krauthammer said, “It’s been a full 100 days, but it was nice to be reminded of why we should be grateful as a nation that he is gone. There are a lot of arguments you can make on either side of the debate about Obamacare, but notice how it was complete moral condescension. The other guys are cowards, because I, and the people who support me and who oppose the legislation, stand with the poor and the afflicted and all that, and the others are on the side of the rich and powerful. That is nonsense.”

He continued, “What the Democrats have done is practically commit political suicide. To support a measure with 17% support in the population that does what we know has to be done, which is to curtail entitlements — starting to curtail by doing a curtailment of Medicaid, it’s inevitable, it’s in the future. Obama had eight years. He didn’t want to touch it. And pretend — you can say that this is something necessary, something people are entitled to, but to pretend that you are the one who was advocating a courageous position when it goes completely against what the public wants, is complete nonsense.”

Krauthammer concluded, “And Obama did that all through his presidency, always assuming he was on the side of the angels and always the one who was willing to go against public opinion when it was completely the opposite. He reminded us, reminded me, it’s been 100 days, but good riddance, Mr. President.”

(Video via RCP Video)

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