Blumenthal: ‘I Have Trouble Believing’ Comey Told Trump He Was Not Under Investigation

Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) discussed President Donald Trump saying former FBI Director James Comey told him he was not under investigation and said he has “trouble believing that.”

Blumenthal said, “I have doubts that Jim Comey put in those words, or anything like them, that the president was not under investigation or that he wouldn’t be in the future potentially a target, because when I asked him under oath before the Judiciary Committee whether he would rule out the president as a potential target, he said he would not do so. Now, he added that he couldn’t rule out anyone, but that is the way an investigation is conducted. And no one is ruled out until the investigation is concluded. The reason is that one of the targets may lead to evidence implicating others. And Jim Comey has done enough investigations that he would not in my view use those words to rule out the president.”

He added, “I have trouble believing that he put it in that kind of emphatic language because it would be improper for Jim Comey in supervising and leading that investigation to tell anyone that they were not potentially under investigation.”

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