Mustafa Ali: Withdrawing From Paris Deal Would Tell Certain Communities ‘That Your Lives Don’t Matter’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” Senior Vice President of Hip Hop Caucus and former EPA official Mustafa Ali that talk of the US withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement is telling certain communities “that your lives don’t matter.”

Ali said, “You know, if you look at a community like Princeville, North Carolina, which had a 1,000-year flood, how do you tell those folks, an African-American community that’s been there since slavery times were over, that your community doesn’t matter? And you know, I had the opportunity to work in Katrina and Sandy and a number of the other storms that we’ve had to deal with, and I’ve seen firsthand how that impacts people’s lives, how that impacts culture, how that impacts the economic opportunities that exist inside of communities. So when you talk about removing yourself from this agreement, you are telling these communities that your lives don’t matter.”

(h/t Grabien)

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