Deutsch on Trump: ‘We Just Watched a Dangerous Little Man’ Give a ‘Very Scary Speech’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” while analyzing the speech President Donald Trump gave laying out his reasons for withdrawing from the Paris climate deal, network contributor Donny Deutsch called Trump a “dangerous little man” giving “a very, very scary speech.”

Deutsch said, “I have such rage and sadness. We just watched a dangerous little man give a very, very scary speech. You know, it’s fascinating, you take CEOs of companies like Dow and Exxon and Unilever to progressive companies like Apple and Tesla. All the CEOs dramatically, passionately came out said we need to stay in this accord.”

He added, “You saw a man up there with a vision of one. ‘What is right for me. I’m going to protect at all costs my 38 percent to 42 percent of my base, regardless of what this country is about.’ We, in my lifetime, have been leaders of the world. Everything this man does walks that back. It’s sad. It’s scary. People have to start to react with rage.”

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