Gorka: Donald Trump Jr’s Russian Lawyer Meeting Was ‘Standard Political Practice’

Tuesday on MSNBC, Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, and host Stephanie Ruhle sparred over the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian attorney.

Gorka said, “Look, I think Donald Jr.’s statements stand for themselves, an individual who at the time had no connection to the Russian government, requested a meeting under false pretenses. Once the discussion began, and this individual started to talk incoherently, the topic changed to the issue of Russian adoptions, which was a very hot item under the Obama administration, and at that point, the meeting ended. And I think the very important thing is not just the statements from Mr. Trump Jr. but the fact that after that meeting there was no other connection, no phone calls, no further meetings because this individual did not meet in good faith. Donald Trump Jr. is not part of the administration, and so this is a massive nothing burger.”

Gorka continued, “That meeting was not organized in good faith, the person who requested it had an ulterior motive, not from the one they indicated, which is a standard one, collecting negative information on your political opponent. Every party does that. But when it turns out she hasn’t got any, and she wants to talk about adoption, that’s why this is a very, very complicated story and one in which the individual who requested the meeting is not acting in good faith.”

Ruhle asked, “So if she had the goods, would you feel better about it?”

Gorka said, “Well it’s standard political practice.”

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