Howard Dean: Trump Does Not Have a ‘Shred of Decency’ in Him

Sunday on MSNBC, former Vermont Governor, and DNC Chair Howard Dean said President Donald Trump didn’t “appear to have a shred of decency in him, not a shred.”

Dean’s remarks were in reference to Trump’s reaction to the events in Charlottesville, VA a day earlier.

Dean said, “Well, actually, being an incurable optimist, I was hoping — I thought this might be his moment, and it wasn’t. I have concluded the guy is totally incapable of exerting any moral leadership whatsoever. I think you’ll see that in poll numbers quickly. Even hardened Republicans who believe in the Trump program — really, this is a country that’s fundamentally a decent country. There are some very bad things we’ve done in the past and certainly, the struggles continue on the racial front and stuff like that. But most Americans, their instinct is decency, even though that’s not always how we play our politics out. Trump doesn’t appear to have a shred of decency in him, not a shred. It’s incredible.”

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