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Jerry Brown: Trump Saying US Got A Bad Deal in Paris Agreement ‘More Fake Than Any Fake News Assertion’ by POTUS


On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” California Governor Jerry Brown (D) stated that claiming the US got a bad deal in the Paris climate agreement is “more fake than any fake news assertion by President Trump.” He also said he doesn’t know how President Trump “gets away with” not mentioning climate change during his speech before the UN General Assembly.

Brown said, “China is doing more than the US right now. They’re closing down coal plants. They’re massively investing in solar and wind. They’re mastering battery technology, which will help America. So, this point that America got a bad deal is fake. It’s more fake than any fake news assertion by President Trump. This agreement is so fundamental. I mean, you watch all these hurricanes and the devastation, you can’t take your mind off extreme weather events. that’s exactly what climate change is going to bring about. It may already be bringing them about. So, to omit that, an existential threat, climate change, that’s what it is, it’s irresponsible. It’s blind. It’s almost — I don’t even know how he gets away with that. I have to call that fake news, or whatever you call the president’s speech, of that order.”

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