Sharpe: Trump ‘Trying to Distract’ From Current Issues by Denouncing National Anthem Protests

Thursday, Fox Sports 1’s Shannon Sharpe reacted to President Donald Trump saying the NFL is “going to go to hell” if it does not change.

Sharpe said that Trump continues to be critical of the national anthem protests because he is “trying to distract” the country from the real issues like the GOP’s attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“All President Trump is doing is trying to distract you from the real issues,” said Sharpe on “Undisputed.” “The eight months since he’s been in office, Skip, it has been very unsuccessful. Unsuccessful for him. He’s trying to distract you. On three different occasions, what the Republican Party and President Trump has been trying to do, President Trump since he’s become president, but the Republican Party has been trying to undo Obamacare. They’ve been three cracks at it and each time they’ve been unsuccessful, so let’s talk about the NFL.”

The former Denver Bronco star tight end added that protesters are “the least of the NFL’s problems,” while the president is starting to be the bigger problem because of “his rhetoric.”

“He’s trying to distract from the real issue. Protesters are the least of the NFL’s problems. They have a much bigger problem. And the big problem is starting to be this guy with his rhetoric because what we know, Skip, is that we thought, ‘Oh, the American people are going to be smart. They’re going to figure this thing out.’ He’s tapped into something. He’s got those dog whistles blowing loud,” Sharpe said.

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