Dem Sen Markey: The Writers of the 2nd Amendment Didn’t Intend for People to ‘Purchase Guns Indiscriminately’

During MSNBC’s coverage of the Las Vegas shooting on Monday, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) argued that the writers of the 2nd Amendment didn’t intend for people to be able to “indiscriminately” purchase guns.

Markey said, “When the Second Amendment was written, in order to maintain a well-regulated militia, they did not have in mind that people could purchase guns indiscriminately, go up into the top of buildings, and rain down this death on 59 people, hundreds of other people injured. And I know one thing, the Republicans are intending on bringing out a bill that allows for silencers to be put on these weapons. You can only imagine if last night people had no idea which direction these shots were coming from, in fact, they couldn’t even hear the shots. It would not have been 59. It could have been 259, 359, 999 people who were killed.”

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