Trump: Tax Reform Will Be ‘Incentive’ for People to Vote for Politicians That Do a Good Job Running Their States

During an interview broadcast on Wednesday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” President Trump stated that part of the tax reform package is designed to incentivize people to vote for officials that run their state well.

Trump commented on the plan’s removal of deduction of state and local taxes by saying, “[I]t’s unfair that a state that is well-run is really subsidizing states that have been horribly mismanaged. I won’t use names, but we understand the names. But there are some states that have hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in borrowing. And it’s unfair that those states really are being subsidized by states like Indiana and Iowa, and — I mean, I could name many states. … Now, with all of that, the tax cuts are so steep, that the people in every state benefit. But it’s finally time to say, ‘Hey, make sure that your politicians do a good job of running your state. Otherwise, you’re not going to benefit.'”

He added, after citing Florida, “And those are the people that frankly should — the people that had the intelligence to elect them should really benefit. And that’s what we’re doing. we’re creating an incentive.”

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