Chris Wallace: Dems Hoping to Push Out Jeff Sessions ‘Might Want to Be Careful What They Ask For’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting,”  “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said Democrats might not want Attorney General Jeff Sessions forced out of office over the contradictions between his testimony because Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation and a new attorney general would not be.

Wallace said, “The Carter Page one is more troubling, simply because of the fact that he told the House Intelligence Committee, one assumes under oath, that he’s specifically told Jeff Sessions that he was going to Moscow. Then we have a video that we just played of Sessions saying that—when asked specifically by the Senate Intelligence Committee, saying no, we had never heard anything about Carter Page going to Moscow. That seems like direct contradiction. Sessions was in a little trouble already — a lot of trouble already—because he had misspoken, or misled, the Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearing when he said he had no contact with the Russians. He then had to go back and clear up and said ‘I had met with the Russian ambassador’ and recused himself from the Russia investigation. So when he was specifically asked a question about Carter Page, if he didn’t remember, you would think that he would’ve run back and searched his memory and immediately cleared up and corrected the record. He didn’t do that. I would think that Carter Page aspect of this is more troubling.”

He added, “If you’re a Democrat, do you want Jeff Sessions to be forced out of office or to give a president an excuse to fire him? He’s recused himself from the Russia investigation. What happens if you get a new attorney general — and the Democrats can’t blame the president because they are the ones pushing them out — and then this new guy comes and says, ‘Guess what? I’m not recused from Russia. I think the Democrats might want to be careful what they ask for.”

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