Graham on Trump Tweets: ‘Last Thing You Want to Do in This War Is Make It About the Religion’

Wednesday on MSNBC, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reacted to some of President Donald Trump’s recent tweets and declared “the last thing you want to do in this war is make it about the religion itself.”

Graham said, “Yeah, the president is probably, from his point of view—this is a vicious war, I want to let people know the kind of war we are in. That may be his motives, and they may be genuine, but the effect is not that. To me, the effect is that you are taking a fringe element in British society and giving it the presidential seal. And David Duke was happy with it. Anything that makes David Duke happy is a bad day.”

He added,”Well, I am assuming the president is trying to highlight the threat we face from radical Islam. I think embracing these videos are not helpful. I think it doesn’t help highlight the threat. I think it empowers fringe elements on the right who have been associated with religious bigotry. And the last thing you want to do in this war is make it about the religion itself. Radical Islam is the enemy. Most people in the faith are the key to winning this war. We need allies in the faith. The overwhelming majority of Muslims reject the radical Islamic view of their religion. And when you send out content like this, it’s more about the faith.”

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