Dem Rep Speier: If Moore Got Elected and I Met Him, ‘I Probably Wouldn’t Even Recognize His Existence’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) stated that if she met Alabama Republican Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore, “I wouldn’t shake his hand. I probably wouldn’t even recognize his existence.”

Anchor Chris Hayes asked, “Roy Moore might be elected to the United States Senate tonight, and I imagine there’s some professional context in which, even though you serve in different houses, you would meet Roy Moore, stand across from him. What would you do?”

Speier responded, “Well, I wouldn’t shake his hand. I probably wouldn’t even recognize his existence. He shouldn’t be in the Senate, but that’s something the Senate’s going to have to decide for itself. They have talked about referring it to the Ethics Committee, and that is the appropriate place to which it should be sent.”

Earlier, Speier commented on President Trump’s accusers and the president’s response to them by saying, “I think what is most disturbing about it is how he so swiftly says, ‘They lied. They lied.’ Women don’t lie about this. Women are very loath to come forward. 70% of those who are sexually harassed never ever report it. Because they are fearful of what will happen, retaliation, having them looked upon as being liars, and all of that, I think, bodes for not coming forward. So, if they’re willing to come forward, there is truth to what they’re saying.”

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