Flake: DACA Fix Will Need Border Security – Comprehensive Chain Migration Change An Issue ‘For Another Time’


On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) stated that the bipartisan group of senators negotiating a DACA fix understands additional border security elements will be part of a DACA deal, but argued that chain migration is something that should be dealt with only as it pertains to DACA enrollees and a comprehensive chain migration change is an issue “for another time.”

Flake said, “[T]he bipartisan group that is negotiating this DACA fix recognizes that additional border security elements will be in this package. But, yeah, we can go too far. For example, take something like chain migration, that’s something that we dealt with in the Gang of Eight bill, in the comprehensive bill that we did, but with regard to the DREAMers, we’ll deal with it only as it pertains to those kids. So, a lot of these issues are for another time. We’d like to get back to comprehensive immigration reform, but this isn’t the place for it.”

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