Matt Schlapp Has Heated Exchange With Matthew Dowd — ‘Quit Saying I’m a Liar!’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp got into a heated debate with ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd.

Dowd said, “The reality is I know Matt likes to create a world that is a sort of fictional rah-rah –”

Schlapp interrupted, saying, “Quit saying I’m a liar, Matt. That’s way beyond. I don’t need truth serum. I don’t need to be lectured by you about being a liar.”

Dowd responded, “I have never called you a liar Matt.”

Schlapp said, “You did! You did in the first segment!”

Dowd replied. “No, I did not. I said that if you drank truth serum, you would actually admit what the president is doing.”

Schlapp said, “Clever way of calling me a liar,”

Dowd continued, “Fundamentally, the Republicans have passed nothing that is popular with America in 2017. And I expect them to pass nothing that is popular in 2018. The president is inherently the most unpopular president at this point of any president that we’ve had. The Democrats have a generic ballot lead that is larger than any time in the last 20 years. So, we’re seeing a situation that this huge wave is coming, and I don’t see a president who’s only governed to a base to change that in the course of the next few months.”

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