DNC Chair Perez: ‘Donald Trump Embodies the Antithesis of Moral Leadership’

Tuesday on Politico’s “Off Message” podcast, referring to President Donald Trump’s alleged “shithole” comments, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said Trump was the “antithesis of moral leadership.”

Perez said, “On a basic level, this president is the antithesis of Martin Luther King. And more than that, Dr. King once said, ‘To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.’ So the most recent remarks of the president should come as a surprise to no one.”

He continued, “When you are referring to people by their race that is the definition of racism.”

When asked if Trump is a racist Perez said, “I would add misogynist to it.”

Perez said, “It is clear to me that the party of Lincoln is officially dead. It has become the party of Trump, Moore, Arpaio, Ryan, McConnell. Paul Ryan said in response to his comment on Haiti ‘that was unfortunate,’ It’s ‘unfortunate’ when it rains before a Nats game. It’s unconscionable when somebody does something like that.”

He added, “Martin Luther King embodied moral leadership. Donald Trump embodies the antithesis of moral leadership.”

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