Perez: We’ve Given ‘Too Much’ to Republicans in Negotiations – Trump ‘Does Not Like Latinos’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” DNC Chair Tom Perez argued Democrats have given Republicans “too much” in negotiations over DACA and a government shutdown and that President Trump doesn’t like Latinos.

Perez said, “[I]t’s not just the Democratic National Committee, it’s the overwhelming majority of the American people support a clean DACA bill.”

He added, “[T]he problem is, there’s been a hostage-taking.”

Perez further stated that DACA wasn’t the only issue, and disaster relief, opioid funding, veterans, and pensions are also issues for Democrats.

Anchor Chris Matthews then asked Perez what Democrats are willing to give up. Perez answered, “Listen, we’ve been very clear in the –.”

Matthews then pressed for specifics, to which Perez responded, “We’ve given too much.”

Later on, Perez argued that President Trump “does not like Latinos, judging by his actions.”

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