Rep Bass: Trump Will ‘Lie,’ Insult Immigrants, ‘Come After African Americans’ at SOTU

Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) said she had not decided if she will attend President Donald Trump’s first the State of the Union address.

She said believed the president will “lie,” insult immigrants, and “come after African-Americans” during the speech.

Bass said, “I haven’t decided. If I don’t go, it is not as an act of protest. If I choose not to go, it is really because I don’t know whether or not I feel like subjecting myself to listen to the president lie, which I believe he will do and also to insult everyone under the sun. I’m sure he will be insulting immigrants with the policy that he’s going to put forward. And I have no doubt that he will come after African-Americans since he seems to take every opportunity to do that.”

She added, “Trump from the first day of his presidency has tried to roll back gains that the African-American population made in the civil rights movement, whether you’re talking about voting rights, mass incarceration, you can go down the list, trying to dismantle the civil rights division within the Department of Justice. The notion of black identity extremists to go after young African Americans who are protesting around police abuse. So his administration, in my opinion, has been an attack on the African Americans pollution from day one. He doesn’t let a month go by without attacking African-Americans. So I think he wants us to be grateful for the fact that our unemployment rate is down, even though it is still twice as high as the unemployment rate for white Americans. And the fact that the economy is getting better I don’t believe it is due to his policies, and I don’t think we have anything to be grateful for,”

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