Booker: Gosar’s Call to Arrest Illegal Aliens at SOTU ‘the Kind of Despotism that Is Not America’

While speaking to CNN on Tuesday, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) reacted to Representative Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) call for Capitol Police to arrest “any illegal aliens in attendance” at the State of the Union by saying that such a call is “the kind of despotism that is not America.”

Booker said, “Well, that’s kind of — the kind of despotism that is not America. This is not who we are. The one woman I brought here is from our home county, yours and mine. She literally began a business that’s employing about 800 people. She’s a tech entrepreneur adding to our economy. No American wants this person deported. In fact, most Americans recognize that she, like the hundreds that serve in the military, like the hundreds that are first responders, these are people that are part of our country. And so, we’re not mean like that. This is just — that’s not the kind of — we are decent people, and this — that is just a menacing, malevolent comment that is unbecoming of somebody who holds one of the higher offices in the land.”

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