CNN’s Nutter: LaPierre’s CPAC Speech ’30 Minutes of Verbal Vomit’

Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” while discussing NRA president Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC speech, network political contributor and former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter called the speech “30 minutes of verbal vomit.”

Nutter said, “First of all that was 30 minutes of verbal vomit  from Wayne LaPierre who clearly demonstrated he has no concern for those young people at that particular school or any others. Those, as you point out, are the loudest voices. And they’re not opportunists. They are survivors. They are talking about their own lives. Maybe he missed the CNN town hall last night.”

He added, “It is clear that the letters NRA stand for no real answers. He refused to recognize the power and the death and destruction that comes from the weapon of choice, the AR-15 in particular and others like it, with no explanation as to why someone should actually have to have a military style weapon in the first place as a civilian.”

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