FNC’s Wallace Battles Navarro on Tariffs: ‘We’re Talking About a Tax on American Consumers in the Billions of Dollars’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace battled White House trade adviser Peter Navarro over President Donald Trump’s planned tariffs on aluminum and steel.

Wallace said, “If you took, not just cars, but all the products that use imported steel or important aluminum, we’re talking about a tax on American consumers in the billions of dollars.”

Navarro said, “When you’re talking about this massive cost or whatever as a fact, well, it’s not. There are no downstream price effects on our industries that are significant.”

Things got heated when Navarro said, “It would be helpful the media didn’t have all these crazy headlines about trade wars.”

Wallace said, “Do you agree that trade wars are good? I’m asking you questions, and I take objection to the idea that the talk of trade wars is an invention of the media when the president tweeted out, ‘Trade wars are good and easy to win.'”

Navarro quipped, “You guys are fanning the flames.”

Wallace said, “I’m fanning the flames? I’m not the one who wrote the president’s tweet.”

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