Nunberg: Mueller Probably Has ‘Something on Trump’ – ‘Trump Did Something Pretty Bad, If I Had to Assume’

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” former Trump aide Sam Nunberg stated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team “probably” has “something on Trump. Trump did something pretty bad, if I had to assume.”

Nunberg said, “I know Bob Mueller. I know that whole team, and they’re right, and they probably have something on Trump. Trump did something pretty bad, if I had to assume.”

He added that he has “no idea” what Mueller and his team have, “but they have something.”

Anchor Ari Melber then asked, “Do you think they were more interested in Trump, related to the criminal hacking which occurred, and we know there were stolen emails, or in relation to all the social media –?”

Nunberg responded, “I think they were interested in something with his business.”

Melber followed up, “Did they ask you about the way he’d run his business?”

Nunberg answered, “Yes. They asked me about his business, and…I have no idea what he did. And he may not have done anything.”

Melber then asked, “You felt they were asking you more about potential crimes related to the Trump organization than related to the Trump campaign?”

Nunberg responded, “That’s what I felt, yeah.”

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