Boxer: ‘Shocking’ to Watch ‘Ungracious’ Trump ‘Ramble All Over the Place’ on Spending Bill

Friday on MSNBC, former Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) reacted to President Donald Trump’s news conference announcing he will sign the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill.

Boxer said, “I can tell you, serving with five presidents, three Republicans and two Democrats, this was unprecedented to see a president ramble all over the place and basically use this moment, when frankly Democrats and Republicans did come together—whether you like this or not, the final product, they came together. He was so ungracious. He used his platform for a partisan attack.”

She added, “And the other point that was amazing is what he didn’t say. This is a huge budget deal. It does include money for education, for jobs, for job training, for Social Security, for Medicare, for health care. It’s as if he doesn’t believe that the Constitution requires that the government provides not only for the common defense but to promote the general welfare and establish justice and domestic tranquility. He doesn’t get it, and I was just, frankly, rolling my eyes over it because it was shocking to see him use his position in that way, as a partisan moment.”

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