Lindsey Graham: ‘Trump Has Been One Hell of a Good Commander-in-chief’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friend,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke very highly of President Donald Trump after he announced former UN Ambassador John Bolton would serve as his National Security Advisor.

According to Graham, Bolton’s appointment sends a strong message to the United States’ adversaries, to which Graham described Trump as “one hell of a good commander-in-chief.”

“He wrote an op-ed piece a couple of weeks ago saying as a last resort we should use preemptive military force if that’s the only thing left to stop North Korea from building a nuclear weapon that can hit America,” Graham said. “He believes in the military option as a last resort. The only reason Kim Jong-un is meeting with President Trump — Trump has convinced the Chinese and North Koreans that he is different. Trump has been one hell of a good commander-in-chief. HR McMaster helped reset the world. God bless HR, but John Bolton is the right guy at the right time with the worldview that I think will reinforce the president’s instincts to go after our enemies and be a better ally. And one of the bigger losers in this is going to be Russia.”

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