Bartiromo: ‘You’ve Got a President That Is Bent on Rolling Back Regulations, on Getting Growth’

Tuesday on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo explained that even with the wild fluctuations in the equities markets, she still expected economic growth given President Donald Trump’s focus on that aspect of the economy.

“I think this market is up 30 percent since the election and I do think that the story has not changed,” she explained. “You’ve got a president that is bent on rolling back regulations, on getting growth story — just putting Larry Kudlow, which is a growth guy, a guy focused on growth.”

She went on to predict future growth in gross domestic product overall but also warned of “wild swings” in the markets.

“We could see another 1,000-point decline at some point as this market digests a new era of inflation, higher interest rate, and a new backdrop,” Bartiromo added. “But the growth story is still in place.”

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