Geraldo: Bill O’Reilly Is a ‘Big Dorky’ Nerd Who ‘Never Had a Good Date’


Wednesday on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” Geraldo Rivera discussed his friend, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s ouster over several sexual misconduct allegations.

Rivera said, “O’Reilly is like a big, dorky, nerdy, clumsy—I never thought O’Reilly was a secret keeper or a malicious person.”

He continued, “He’s such a big drink of water. He’s always walking around with his shoulders down. The problem is the guy never had a good date. That’s his problem. He never had someone who really loved him. I assume that’s why he stumbled into all of these–”

Stern said, “Weird relationships.”

Rivera said, “That ended up costing him tens of millions of dollars.”

Calling his friend O’Reilly loyal, Rivera added, “I feel sorry for the guy. And I have to remember that during my hard times where I faded from stardom, he still would put me on his show every week. He had a loyalty.”

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