Dem Rep Swalwell: Trump Isn’t ‘Stable to Conduct an Operation’ Like Syria

During an interview on MSNBC on Friday, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) responded to the strikes on Syria and said President Trump “is not, I think, stable to conduct an operation like this.”

Swalwell said Congress should “prevent an unhinged president, or a hinged president from taking us to war in the Middle East without a plan.” Swalwell continued that the previous strikes against Syria didn’t work because the US lacks “a strategic objective for Syria.” He also argued that the president should have gone to Congress before the strikes.

Swalwell added, “[W]e have the power to declare war, and the president said that this will be a sustained operation, which, incidentally, is in conflict with what Secretary Mattis said. So, that’s why Congress should be involved. And also, Brian, this president, in just this week, with what we’re learning more and more about from James Comey, his own lawyer is now under federal investigation, he is not, I think, stable to conduct an operation like this. This is all the more reason that Congress should be involved.”

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