Bloomberg: Trump Is ‘Not Really a Business Person’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said President Donald Trump was a real estate developer, and therefore “not really a business person.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BRENNAN: At the DNC in 2016, you called Donald Trump a “risky, reckless and radical choice” and the country you said couldn’t afford to make that mistake.

BLOOMBERG: Did I say that?

BRENNAN: It was a memorable quote. Has he done anything to make you reconsider that? Do you think he’s doing a good job?

BLOOMBERG: I think he, it’s, I would give him an incomplete grade. Some of the things that he’s done, I don’t agree with– the style of changing your mind every day and leaving your staffs out there to make embarrassing things that you don’t back them up. And the turnover in the administration is really dangerous and worrisome and not fair to people. But you know to criticize him doesn’t advance anything.

BRENNAN: His compelling case was that he came from the world of business as you did.

BLOOMBERG: No he didn’t. He was a real estate developer. He was– he didn’t manage large numbers of people. He didn’t run big organizations. He was I gather a reasonably successful real estate developer which is just a different occupation. It’s not really a business person.

BRENNAN: And do you see though I mean you’re drawing a distinction there. Do you see some management issues then? When you say–

BLOOMBERG: Oh I don’t think there’s any question that–

BRENNAN: The hiring, the firing, the tweeting–

BLOOMBERG: Management is not something you– it’s like skiing– you don’t read a book on skiing and then go out and ski double black diamonds. Management is something you learn over a period of time and you have to manage larger and larger groups of people and make more and more difficult decisions and live with those decisions as you go. This president does not have experience in running large organizations or facing a lot of the issues that he has to face and the one time I talked to him after he got elected, my advice was to him was get people regardless of their political persuasion who have expertise in each of these areas that you’re not an expert on and give them authority to go along with responsibility and then let them do it even when there are things that you don’t agree with. And when they make decisions that you don’t necessarily agree with or that don’t turn out to be the right decisions you have to back them up. If you don’t give people the confidence that you’re going to have their backs you’re not going to get good people and you’re not going to keep them.

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