Donna Brazile Defends Michelle Wolf: Trump Says ‘Disgusting Things’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Democratic strategist Donna Brazile called comedian Michelle Wolf’s comments about White House press secretary Sarah Sanders at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner “racy,” but also defended Wolf by saying President Donald Trump says “disgusting” and “raunchy” things.

Partial transcript as follows: 

BRAZILE: I’m from Louisiana and so I’ve — I’ve — I’ve heard some gutter talk in my life. It was racy. OK? I watched it on CSPAN and —

CHRISTIE: You were the one (ph).

BRAZILE: Oh hell yes (ph), I love me some CSPAN, now. I watched it. It — it really — but remember, we have no norms now. This is a president who has criticized women, who have called reporters some disgusting things. I don’t know if there are any more lines anymore.

LUNTZ: That’s not fair.

BRAZILE: That — that being said — look, come on, this president has said some raunchy things, OK?

LUNTZ: We’re talking about a — we’re talking the comedian, not the president.

BRAZILE: A comedian who was — yes, but — but Frank, the president at times says things and then he says well, I’m just joking. Look, I’m not defending her. I would use fresh material, OK? But what I’m saying is that it was racy, it was — it was — it was right there.

LUNTZ: It was disgusting. And the fact is it aired live on CNN, it aired live on CSPAN —

BRAZILE: Yes, I watched it on CSPAN.

LUNTZ: — and there are eight or nine year old kids watching this stuff —

BRAZILE: But they’re watching the president of the United States say some of the most disgusting and vile things and you’re telling me —

LUNTZ: — and on Monday — and — and on Monday — can I use the words — Jon, can I use the words that she used yesterday?

KARL: Not on the air.


LUNTZ: No. The answer’s no. That’s the point. If you can’t —


LUNTZ: If you can’t say — you’re going to have to pray a long time to get over last night. The only — if you can’t say those words on this show then you shouldn’t say them at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

KARL: But this was not the intention of the dinner —


PETTYPIECE: — and I think this is good for her career, I think it’s probably good for publicity, it’s — you know, people are talking about it so that’s what you want as — as an entertainer. But yes, as White House correspondents who are in the trenches — literally in the basement every day dealing with this stuff, this was a dinner that was supposed to be about unity.

It was a big step that the administration officials had actually — were allowed to come to the dinner this year. The president didn’t — didn’t come but having Sarah there sitting up on the dais with everyone, that was — I mean, a baby step but it was a step forward. So it is about trying to create unity and talk about the first amendment and freedom of speech.


BRAZILE: Well then don’t invite comedians because you never know what’s going to come out of —

LUNTZ: Ray Romano performed there and he was perfectly fine. We’ve had comedians come there (inaudible).

CHRISTIE: But, you know, Jon, the other part of it, too is —

LUNTZ: (Inaudible).

CHRISTIE: — and I could see on the faces of — of you folks on the dais —


CHRISTIE: OK, listen. You guys are responsible for it, though, because ultimately you picked her, right? Now I’m not saying that means you knew everything she was going to say and it’s your fault. But I think it — it — it colors — it should color what happens next year.


CHRISTIE: OK? It’s we’re going to have another dinner next year and I think — you know, we’ve had all kinds of vetting problems in this town.



CHRISTIE: — White House Correspondents Association now joins the list of people who didn’t vet the way they should have and I think next year we should have somebody who, you know, little racy ain’t bad. You know, we both like that. But — but the really personal, mean-spirited attacks on people’s appearance — all right? We don’t use that (ph).

KARL: As the gridiron says, singe, not burn.

CHRISTIE: Yes. Agree with you on that.

BRAZILE: She made a lot of people uncomfortable.

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