Chaffetz: Rosenstein ‘Doesn’t Understand the Constitution’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), now a Fox News contributor, said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s reaction to the news that members of the House Freedom Caucus drafted impeachment articles against him showed Rosenstein “doesn’t understand the Constitution.”

Chaffetz said, “You can tell why we are having a problem. Rod Rosenstein doesn’t understand the Constitution, and he doesn’t understand his role. In the Constitution, you can’t impeach a civil officer. That’s embedded in the Constitution. For him to say that Congress is going to extort him by exercising their constitutional responsibility means to me he needs to go brush up on the Constitution.”

He continued, “They don’t want to provide the documents. This deep state doesn’t want to be exposed. They don’t want to turn over the documents. The Oversight c]Committee was founded in 1814. Case law says they will provide the documents. Congress created the Department of Justice, Congress funded the Department of Justice, Congress represents the American people. When he thumbs his nose at Congress, he is thumbing it at the American people. They don’t want to be exposed on a closed case.”

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