Cheney on Threats to U.S.: ‘I Think the Chinese Long-term Are the Most Serious, Have the Most Capability’

In an interview that aired Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Morning with Maria,” former Vice President Dick Cheney offered an assessment of the current threats to the United States and declared that long-term, China presents the “most serious” threat.

“My concern is, I sense that there are several rising at once,” Cheney said. “We say it’s the Russians, or it’s the Chinese. I think the Chinese long-term are the most serious, have the most capability, and have made some phenomenal gains economically, which they’re now converting to better military capability, and so forth.”

Other threats Cheney mentioned were Russian President Vladimir Putin and his efforts to meddle in the geopolitics of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the evolving situation on the Korean peninsula and Iran, given its efforts to wield influence throughout its region.

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