Karl Rove: If Gina Haspel Morally Unfit to Be CIA Director, So Is Nancy Pelosi 

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” former Bush senior advisor Karl Rove said it was “reprehensible” to say Gina Haspel is morally unfit to be the CIA director because of her involvement in enhanced interrogation after 9/11.

Rove said, “I think it’s reprehensible if people say she’s morally unfit because she was following a program that was carefully crafted by the lawyers and approved as being within our international obligations and the statutes of the United States. It has now been ruled by an act of Congress to no longer be applicable, no longer be a tool to be available, but if they are saying she is morally unfit to head the CIA because she was part of that program, then every one of those people who were in the United States Congress at the time, who knew about this program and refused to condemn it and agreed with it, like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, who today find it convenient to attack Haspel, they are morally culpable if she’s morally culpable.”

He added, “She is the exact right person to head the CIA. She will be approved. Two Democrats have already announced they support her.”

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