Gorka on Gun Violence: ‘Don’t Expect Uncle Sam to Fix This’ — ‘Should Be Done at the Local Level’

Friday on “Hannity,” Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka discussed gun violence following the Texas school shooting, suggesting the local government should be responsible for protecting citizens by controlling access much like in banks and federal buildings.

“This is not a complicated problem to solve. We secure federal buildings, we secure banks. This is about controlled access to the most precious thing we have in this country, which is our children,” Gorka told host Sean Hannity.

“Don’t expect Uncle Sam to fix this for you,” he continued. “This should be done at the local level. If the local school council can’t sort this out, if the local municipality or the government can’t sort this out, it’s not going to be federal government that sorts it out. But, controlled access is the key.”

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