Gohmert: Trump Can’t Fire Mueller ‘Because We’ve Got Weak-Kneed Republicans’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said he was settling for a second special counsel to investigate Robert Mueller, who needed “firing worse than anybody in Washington.”

He added that “weak-kneed Republicans” would push for impeachment if President Donald Trump attempted to remove Mueller.

When asked if a special counsel should investigate the sitting special counsel, Gohmert said, “You betcha. These people—Mueller was investigating as the head of the FBI, Rosenstein as a U.S. Attorney, Mueller got Weissmann to help him. They were investigating Russia’s illegal efforts to get our uranium, and they put the quietus on this. They forced the informant to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That is insane. But the reason we know after that, that the Commission on Foreign Investments in the United States would never have approved the deal to sell our uranium that would ultimately end up in Russian hands if they had known the full extent of the Rosenstein/Mueller and Weissmann investigation. So they did that, Hillary gets $145 million to her foundation. They get a lot more money in for other things. And that would never have happened if they had been just legitimately above board with the American people.”

He continued, “So it’s not only about stopping Trump that they don’t feel like should be in office. That’s part of it. But it is also covering themselves, keeping the statute of limitations going on their own collusion in this matter. We have got to have one.”

He added, “Actually, back in June of last year I was telling the president, ‘Mr. President, Mueller needs firing worse than anybody in Washington, but you can’t fire him because we’ve got weak-kneed Republicans out there saying they will push for impeachment if you fire him even though he desperately needs it, but you can appoint a second special counsel to investigate Rosenstein, Mueller, Weissmann and these other folks.’ And so that’s what I was hoping last June. Lee Zeldin is a very thoughtful, articulate guy and he has put together an excellent resolution documenting just why we need a second special counsel so bad. If Mueller and Rosenstein had Jeff Sessions’ integrity, we would not be having these problems. But they don’t, and they need to be investigated.”

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