Comey on Trump Spy Claims: ‘I Know It Not To Be True’

On Thursday’s broadcast of TBS’ “Conan,” former FBI Director James Comey stated that he knows President Trump’s claim that there was a spy inserted into his campaign is untrue.

Comey responded to the president’s tweet on the subject by saying, “I — as best I can tell, it’s made up. I don’t know where he’s getting that from, honestly. And, a number of things he’s announced were the biggest scandal since Watergate. My guess is, two weeks from now, there will be something different than this. But I don’t know anything about those facts.”

Host Conan O’Brien then asked, “[D]o you find that to be at all possible or probable…that there was a spy inserted into his campaign by an intelligence agency?”

Comey responded, “I don’t find it possible, and I know it not to be true.”

He continued, “And the facts are knowable, and I gather today there was a meeting on Capitol Hill where Democrats and Republicans got to see the actual facts, which is why I’m confident that something else will be bigger than Watergate next week.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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