CNN’s Sciutto to GOP Rep: Isn’t Trump ‘Doing Putin’s Work’ by Doubting Russian Meddling?

Wednesday on CNN’s “Wolf,” guest host Jim Sciutto asked Rep. Tom Reed (R- NY) if President Donald Trump was “doing Putin’s work” by questioning Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Last week Trump tweeted, “Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with Meddling in our Election! Where is the DNC Server, and why didn’t Shady James Comey and the now disgraced FBI agents take and closely examine it? Why isn’t Hillary/Russia being looked at? So many questions, so much corruption!”

Partial transcript as follows:

REED: Well, I think because there is a fine line here between meddling and trying to influence by putting information out there and trying to sway the outcome of the election to a Russia conclusion that they want to achieve. But at the end of the day, the biggest threat to the election process was the collusion or lack of integrity of the process. The president has been very clear and I support the president’s findings or conclusions on this. I see no evidence of collusion. No evidence of integrity of the election being broken. This election stands, and we should move forward and we need to be smart that people are going to try to meddle with our election process. But I trust the wisdom of the people in making sure they filter that information and make the conclusions they feel best for their future.

SCIUTTO: Isn’t the president doing Putin’s work for him when he undermines his own intelligence agency’s assessment about Russian interference in the election? Of course, Russia is going to deny it, it is not in their interest to acknowledge it. But isn’t he doing Putin’s work by expressing those doubts?

REED: No, I do not believe that’s the case. I think what the president is dealing with is a rehashing of issues where people are threatening collusion and the outcome of the election was persuaded, not by the people but some outside force. Bottom line the people spoke in 2016. It’s time to move forward with this election that has occurred and embrace the opportunity this administration has for us to bring change to Washington, D.C.

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