Joy Reid: Media Were ‘Enchanted’ with Palin, Bush While Finding Obama ‘Too Erudite and Too Articulate’

MSNBC’s “AM Joy” host Joy Reid lamented Sunday how the media viewed former President George W. Bush and Sarah Palin as authentic and enchanting because of their speech while also “disparaging” former President Barack Obama for “being almost too erudite and articulate.”

“There is a thing in Republican Party politics where not being erudite as a speaker is seen as a virtue,” said Reid. “It was with George W. Bush, the idea that he’s plain-spoken, and so, when he would mangle the language — even the media would read that as authentic and great, right? He would make up words and people would say, ‘That’s great.'”

She continued, “And Sarah Palin, the same sort of thing where even the media was enchanted with the way she spoke. And that is actually seen as a virtue of Democrats where you would see people disparage Obama as being too erudite and too articulate.”

(h/t Newsbusters)

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